Cleaning of radioactive liquids


technology for treatment of liquid radioactive wastes


METOIL offers the COREBRICK™ technology for continuous LRW conditioning (liquid-to-solid conversion) and environmentally safe storage of resulting solidified waste. The technology is based on ion-selective adsorption.

COREBRICK™ technology is a process for processing liquid radioactive waste for maximally reducing the volume thereof and removing radionuclides by concentrating same in a solid phase.

The technology solves the problem of better-protecting service personnel against radiation during a production process, and specifically:

  • reducing the radiation exposure to personnel when processing liquid radioactive waste,
  • simplifying the technological process (avoiding the use of an expensive and difficult-to-operate radioactive waste cementing installation, decreasing the number of other apparatuses requiring special servicing, decreasing the amount of secondary waste),
  • producing, as a result of liquid radioactive waste processing, a final product (block) which is safe to transport, store and utilize.


  • Minimum of technological equipment – important for further decommissioning
  • Minimum of personnel – lower labor costs
  • No or minimal pre-treatment
  • Self decontamination system
  • High productivity and scalability – multiple lines
  • Possibility to implement into current waste routes – i.e. prior existing evaporator system
  • Easy adaptation for local markets – ability to regulate activity load to local containers
  • Fine powder sorbents with large active surface of sorption centres allow to use 100% sorption capacity, while generating less volume of secondary wastes
  • Ability to treat highly concentrated and salted liquid wastes (slurry, sludge) from many radionuclides
  • Well-known cement matrix for immobilization
  • May be used with different types of containers – concrete or iron casks for ILW and HLW
  • Lowest cost of treatment and disposal per 1m3 of initial waste

    The COREBRICK technology may be employed in mobile LRW processing plants to provide LRW conditioning services at nuclear power facilities.